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575 Career Guidance Specialist

Position Title:                      Career Guidance Specialist

Salary Range:                        $25,000.00

Position Length:                  10 Months

Immediate Supervisor:   Director of CTE and High Schools
                                                        Building Principal

Basic Function:

This is a full time position that focuses on assisting high school students in career exploration and obtaining college and career information. The individual will provide a wide variety of career information and materials; communicate with students, faculty, parents and community representatives concerning career planning and college entrance. Organize and maintain college and occupational data to provide source materials for students, teachers, parents, and counselors. Maintain current and relevant data relating to job opportunities, careers, technical schools, colleges, scholarships, armed forces, and other programs.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain career resources within the high school guidance department accessible to students-“Career Center with the guidance department”
  2. Assist students with computerized activities to include interest inventories, career, college, and financial searches
  3. Inform students, teachers, counselors of new CTE programs/opportunities
  4. Provide specialized assistance and information concerning career planning and college entrance to students, parents, staff, and community agencies
  5. Maintain career education student files and document use of career area
  6. Attend Career Guidance Specialists team meetings
  7. Assist Career and Technical Education Department with various activities and events to promote career and technical education
  8. Refer all accumulated student data to the appropriate certified counselor or program coordinator for counseling
  9. Assist career and technical education staff with student and career information
  10. Assist with ongoing recruitment and marketing of career and technical education students
  11. Obtain, organize, file and display guidance materials; maintain displays and bulletin boards
  12. Prepare career education and instructional materials for use by students; assist students in locating and using college and career information as needed for research and post high school planning.
  13. Develop and maintain a current and comprehensive occupational library including information on careers, employment prospects and trends and employment requirements and opportunities; obtain and circulate current college catalogs.
  14. Implement a school specific plan for CTE month to promote, educate, and inform about CTE programs
  15. Monitor student attendance and follow up as necessary
  16. Assist in preparing, organizing and implementing school sponsored Career Fair
  17. Monitor transportation needs and respond accordingly
  18. Work with the CTE office, students, parents, and guidance to coordinate scheduling and enrollment needs.
  19. Serve as a liaison between students, home school, and CTE to troubleshoot and problem solve to ensure student success (attendance, discipline, transportation, needed supplies/equipment)
  20. Consistently demonstrate and communicate the value of CTE. Act as an ambassador to CTE
  21. Other duties as assigned by the building principal or the Career & Technical Education Department.
  22. This person must be sensitive to the needs of others and be able to relate well to both teens and adults. This person must perform in keeping with the philosophy and goals of the school corporation and the Career and Technical Education Department.
  23. Maintain regular and reliable attendance
  24. Maintain professional demeanor


  1. High school graduate; prefer some post-secondary education
  2. Must be at least 20 years of age.
  3. This person should have knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office Professional Software, organizational, communication and time management skills.
  4. Ability to coordinate multiple tasks and be self-directed to achieve stated goals
  5. Ability to work effectively and cooperate with students, administration, faculty/staff and general public using tact and diplomacy
  6. Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action

Physical Demands:

Must be able to lift, push and pull up to 25 lbs., sit, stand, walk, speak, hear and use close vision.

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