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215 Human & Social Services Teacher

Position Title:  Human & Social Services Teacher

Salary Range: Teacher Contract

Contract Length: Contractual Year

Basic Function:
This position requires a certified CTE: Family & Consumer Sciences 5-12. This individual will successfully develop and implement all aspects of the Human and Social Services program to the specifications of the Indiana Department of Education.

Immediate Supervisor: Director, Career & Technical Education and Building Principal

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Provide competent classroom and laboratory instruction in the area of credentialed expertise
2. Differentiate instruction to meet individual student learning styles
3. Evaluate the progress of students in all classes according to institutional, departmental, and individual criteria
4. Prepare and develop materials used in academic implementation when requested, including syllabi and program outlines in accordance with IN state standards for Human and Social Services.
5. Collect, maintain, and submit accurate class records including grades, absences, withdrawal, and required CTE information to appropriate offices
6. Promote positive and productive relationships with area businesses, industries, and agencies by organizing an advisory committee and holding a minimum of two meetings per school year.
7. Provide opportunities for students to participate in the appropriate CTE student organization
8. Participate in Career and Technical Education events and activities
9. Provide appropriate instruction for students to earn dual credits with post-secondary institutions
10. Provide appropriate instruction for students to learn about all aspects of the Human and Social Services industry.
11. Provide academic and career advice to students and promote student leadership and enrichment experiences
12. Stay abreast of new and emerging trends in Human and Social Services to maintain relevancy in curriculum
13. Communicate regularly with parents and provide opportunities for parent involvement
14. Maintain open communication with administrators of all high schools in regard to grades, attendance, and behavior
15. Manage the behavioral, social, and emotional issues of a diverse ethnic/racial student population
16. Integrate Indiana College & Career Readiness Standards for reading, writing and math skills into the curriculum
17. Become familiar with institutional policies and procedures of SBCSC
18. Work with all schools to recruit students and keep CTE office/CGS informed of student progress and upcoming events
19. Work to retain student and promote a two year completion rate
20. Instruct high school students in interactive learning activities that focus on Human and Social Services
21. Willingness to volunteer to participate on academic or administrative committees that deal with institutional policies, departmental matters, and academic issues

1. Must hold a valid qualified CTE: Family & Consumer Sciences 5-12.  Master's Degree preferred.
2. Must be flexible, positive, and proactive in the ability to manage a 3-hour instructional block
3. Must have knowledge of industry standards and employment opportunities
4. Must be highly organized and able to prepare students for experiential activities
5. Must possess the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with students, faculty, and administration

Physical Demands:
Must be able to lift, push and pull up to 25 lbs., sit, stand, walk, speak, hear and use close vision.





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