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161 Health/Phys. Ed. Teacher

POSITION TITLE:  Health and Physical Education Teacher
The class schedule will include sections of a course that integrates both Health and Physical Education in one year-long course.  The specific class schedule will be determined on a yearly basis. There are unique duties and qualifications for this position.        
Teachers will be expected to:
•    Provide effective and engaging instruction and assessment to students on a daily basis.
•    Demonstrate excellent knowledge of subject area and implement strategies to guide all students towards mastery within a diverse student population.  This includes facilitating active student participation and utilizing effective questioning strategies that engage all students.
•    Establish a classroom environment that welcomes, motivates, and meets the unique needs of a diverse student population.  Develop positive and professional teacher-student relationships.
•    Effectively manage student behavior and maintain a classroom that is safe, conducive to student learning, and consistent with district and school policies regarding student behavior. 
•    Maintain accurate records and communicate regularly with parents regarding student attendance, behavior, and performance in a way that builds relationships and positively impacts student outcomes.
•    Motivate students to perform and produce to their highest ability level and provide individual assistance to students.  Provide accommodations consistent with students’ IEPs or 504 plans.
•    Communicate openly and professionally with fellow teachers and administration.
•    Be organized, punctual, professional, and thorough with all assigned duties, meetings, and responsibilities.
•    Follow all laws and district policies related to assigned duties and responsibilities.
•    Possess the qualifications necessary to perform all the duties unique to this position as outlined in the special qualifications section below.
•    Must hold a valid Indiana teacher license in health and physical education and be highly qualified in both.

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