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146 Math/Science Teacher

POSITION TITLE: Mathematics/Science Teacher

An intermediate mathematics/Science teacher is a highly qualified and state certified teacher responsible for delivering specific course content in a differentiated, traditional learning environment.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Building Administrator


A qualified teaching candidate will provide instruction, support and guidance, manage the learning process, and focus on students’ individual needs. This teacher monitors student progress using the 8 step process and available district supported technology. The teacher will work actively with students and parents to advance each child’s learning. Other duties which will be assessed include:
Use of multiple sources of data collection including the 8step process, Acuity, and classroom assessment to inform instructional decisions
Demonstrated skills in: differentiating instruction, using wide range of math manipulatives, problem based learning, real world mathematical applications,
integrating technology tools and higher level questioning

Structure the classroom environment to maintain student interest and engagement
Maintain professional responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating the process of learning
Willingness to learn in areas not proficient and agree to participate in ongoing professional development
Actively supervise and provide evaluation information for paraprofessional staff where applicable and or collaborate in a co-taught setting

Licensed and Highly Qualified


Actively engage parents in the education of their children. Maintain regular, documented communication between home and school

Utilize technology to enhance the learning environment and differentiate instruction.

Applicant must not have had a recommendation for Probation Assistance on their most recent evaluation.

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