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240 Health Science Education Teacher

Position Title:             Health Science Education Teacher

 Salary Range:             Teacher Contract Salary

Contract Length:       Contractual Year

Position Summary:   

This position requires a CTE:  Health Occupations teacher’s license or a qualified health careers professional with up to two years of health occupational-related experience who will successfully develop and implement all aspects of the health careers program with students.

 Immediate Supervisor:                 Director, Career & Technical Education

 Job Description:

·      Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and develops workplace attitudes

·      Differentiate instruction to meet individual student learning styles

·      Update the curriculum to meet changing IN state standards for health careers

·      Update the curriculum to meet current industry standards

·      Include a unit on safety and OSHA standards within the curriculum

·      Participate in Career and Technical Education events

·      Provide appropriate instruction for students to earn dual credits with post-secondary institutions

·      Provide instruction of human anatomy, medical terminology, basic nursing skills, community service, ethics and employability skills with a primary focus on occupations such as nursing, dental, medical-clerical, pharmacy, veterinary, and other supporting health services

·      Communicate regularly with parents and provide opportunities for parent involvement

·      Maintain open communication with administrators of all high schools in regard to grades, attendance, and behavior

·      Manage the behavioral, social, and emotional issues of a diverse ethnic/racial student population

·      Actively participate in ongoing curriculum development

·      Demonstrate experience implementing innovative instructional programs


·      Must hold a valid Indiana CTE:  Health Occupations license or be a qualified health careers professional with up to two years of Health occupational-related experience

·      Prior teaching experience preferred  

·      Curriculum and organizational skills required

·      Flexible, positive, and proactive in the ability to manage a 3-hour instructional block.  This should include the ability to provide students with meaningful instructional and laboratory components of the curriculum.

·      Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with students, faculty and administration.

·      Knowledge in the use of the Microsoft Office Professional Software


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