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054 Director of Digital Integration

Position Title: Director of Digital Integration

Salary Range:  $84,880-$104,000

Contract Length: July 1- June 30

Immediate Supervisor: Chief Technology Officer

Position Summary:

The Director of Digital Integration is to provide district level leadership for the planning, implementation and support of instructional technologies. With direct responsibility for all site-level instructional facilitation, and while working closely with the centralized information technology and curriculum organizations, this position will hold jurisdiction over corporation-wide instructional technology initiatives. This individual is responsible for ensuring that all teachers and staff members in the corporation are provided an opportunity for professional development and significant input into curriculum development, geared toward classroom effectiveness and student success.


  1. Organize early adopter and proof of concept teams
  2. Lead implementations and rollouts of new instructional technologies for the district
  3. Coordinate educational technology professional development for administrators, teachers and students for classroom technology integration
  4. Assist in resource adoption process. Plans and supervises technology integration training for school and district staff
  5. Lead Site Digital Integration Team
  6. Develop implementation schedules in coordination with Site Digital Integration Specialists
  7. Coordinate site participation throughout one to one roll out
  8. Liaise with IT for troubleshooting district-level issues
  9. Serve as District PLTW Coordinator
          a.  Manage grants related to PLTW
          b.  Arrange training for PLTW teachers
          c.  Coordinate student rostering
          d.  Manage PLTW End of Course Assessments
          e.  Collaborate with school teachers in preparing for recruiting events
10.  Ensure security policies are honored
11.  Participate in district-wide feedback teams in combination with centralized IT engineering and applications
12.  Collaborate with Instructional Leader Directors on student magnet application process.
13.  Evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional technology programs


  1. Teaching experience with prior demonstration of project leadership with a valid Indiana Teaching License
  2. Identified by cabinet and key corporation stakeholders as an early adopter of technology
  3. Demonstrated ability to apply information technology in support of education requirements
  4. Ability to set and manage priorities judiciously
  5. Highly respected by peers


  1. Administrative License
  2. Excellent oral and written communications skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills
  4. Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language
  5. Self-motivated and directed
  6. Exceptional service orientation
  7. Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  8. Google Level 1 and 2 Certification





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