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914 Migrant Summer School Fam. Outreach Specialist -H

POSITION TITLE:                      Migrant Education Program (MEP) - Migrant Regional Service Center    MRSC Family                                                                            Outreach Specialist - Summer

                                                               FTE - Temporary Position from June 1, 2019 - August 30, 2019

 RECRUITED BY:                         Director, Bilingual Services Department

 IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:      Director, SBCSC Bilingual Services

                                                                     Site Administrator (Huntington)


Work in collaboration with Region 1 personnel to support migrant families by providing direct and indirect social services in areas of education, behavior, and health.  Establish and maintain positive relationships between school staff and migrant families within Region 1.  Collaborate with Region 1, schools, community and state agencies, post-secondary institutions, and businesses to provide a range of practical and educational workshops for migrant parents. Responsible for the following counties: Huntington, Wabash, Whitely, Allen, Wells, and Kosciusko.


A college degree in education or social work is preferred however, relevant experience applicable to the performance responsibilities will be considered.  Candidate must be able to work with groups by providing leadership and resource consultation.  Strong interpersonal skills to successfully work with a variety of people and a proven ability to establish strong rapport with migrant families are necessary.  Candidate must have transportation and be able to travel among schools within Region 1.  Candidate must be fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Collaborate with Region 1 personnel to solve migrant family school related issues
  • Conduct home visits as needed to complete the Family Needs Survey
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Coordinate participation of parents and students in Region 1 activities
  • Assist with translations and interpretations for migrant parents in Region 1 when necessary
  • Refer migrant families in Region 1 to appropriate service agencies
  • Coordinate and implement workshops and meetings for migrant families
  • Collaborate with the ID&R Field Specialist to provide support services for eligible students and their families
  • Coordinate with Curriculum Specialist to provide migrant families/students career and postsecondary opportunities, and financial aid information
  • Work with Curriculum Specialist to promote school readiness for preschool age migrant children
  • Develop and implement leadership workshops for migrant parents to support PAC meetings
  • Assist migrant parents in understanding their child’s academic progress, school policies and procedures, and assessment results
  • Arrange eye exams and dental appointments for migrant students
  • Help coordinate the purchase and distribution of educational materials and uniforms to migrant students
  • Coordinate Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings within Region 1
  • Pursue and continue in professional growth opportunities in the support service area
  • Administer the myOn Reading Program - Lexile Assessment with each student in the program
  • Distribute technology to all migrant students
  • Instruct students and parents on the use of myOn Reading Program
  • Duties as assigned by Director


  • Is sensitive to the needs of Migrant students and their families
  • Accurately reports work hours
  • Maintains confidentiality about student and family information
  • Has consistent daily attendance and follows procedures for reporting absences
  • Reports for work on time
  • Uses time constructively
  • Works cooperatively with other MRSC/BSD and building staff
  • Displays a positive attitude
  • Adapts to changes in work assignments
  • Accepts direction and constructive criticism in a positive manner
  • Displays appropriate initiative and self-direction with minimal supervision
  • Contributes with innovative ideas and changes
  • Recognizes situations where staff response is necessary and reacts appropriately




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