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175 Theater/Drama Teacher - IC & HS

JOB POSITION:   Drama/Theatre Teacher

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:    Building Principal

SALARY:   Teacher Contract


The Drama/Theatre Teacher is a highly qualified and state certified teacher responsible for delivering Grades 5-12 drama/theatre content in a differentiated manner that is aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre.


  • Have a working knowledge of best practices in Theatre Education, arts integration, and Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre, while implementing a curriculum based in creativity
  • Guide, motivate and engage students in learning, including understanding the principles of theatre, and specific performance skills through individual and group practice and performances
  • Enhance symbolic communication, promote self-esteem, self-motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression and social harmony, relationships, team-building, cooperation, self-confidence and providing an avenue for building performance competencies
  • Make use of quality theatre literature in diverse styles appropriate in difficulty and range for students
  • Maintain a safe classroom, using appropriate classroom management skills
  • Complete and maintain all required student records
  • Utilize the SBCSC technology, as required
  • Attend and participate in required staff meetings and building-wide trainings and initiatives
  • Plan, rehearse, and direct students in a minimum of two performances per year (Semester I, Semester II) at the building level. These performances should include all theatre classes.
  • Prepare students to perform for additional school/community/extra-curricular performances, when scheduled
  • Utilize instructional materials/resources recommended for the district
  • Participate in all Fine Arts Drama/Theatre recruiting events
  • Attend corporation Fine Arts and Drama/Theatre/PC staff meetings, as scheduled
  • Assist with compiling budgets and cost estimates based on documented program needs
  • Coordinate fundraising activities and management of funds, when applicable
  • Facilitate cleaning, repairing, and storing all theatre supplies/equipment
  • Develop and implement plans for theatre program and show written evidence of preparation, including lesson plans, as required
  • Conduct ongoing formative and summative assessments of student achievement
  • Accompany and supervise students on field trips, when necessary
  • Maintain open communication and professional relationships with all stakeholders
  • Comply with district policies, as well as state and federal laws and regulations
  • Adhere to the district’s safety policies and procedures
  • Maintain confidentiality in the conduct of district business
  • Demonstrate regular and prompt attendance
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Licensed and highly-qualified in the area of Theatre Arts
  • Ability to manage a budget and supplies
  • Knowledge of state, district and school policies and procedures
  • Ability to interpret district policies, procedures and data
  • Strong communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills
  • Experience working in an urban environment preferred
  • Must not currently be on a Performance Improvement Plan
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