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206 7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher

POSITION TITLE:                      English Learner (EL) Teacher (7th/8th Grade)

SALARY:                                            Teacher Contract

CONTRACT LENGTH:               School Year

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Building Principal, Director of Bilingual Services


Provide language acquisition and core academic instruction in accordance with the Indiana Academic Standards in all core subject areas for a class of English Learners. Possess strong reading content knowledge to recognize reader’s strengths and the ability to analyze student’s reading behaviors. Design intensive, small-group intervention for reading and math, informed by data. Implement high-gains, scientifically based instructional strategies. Understands and uses a variety of instructional practices/strategies/routines to encourage the development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and performance skills


  • Must hold a current Indiana License/Certification in primary grades and be highly qualified
  • Master’s degree or higher preferred
  • Must be ESL/EL/ENL certified or licensed
  • Previous experience in an urban school setting preferred
  • Should have the ability to understand and accept the philosophy of the Bilingual Services Department in reference to the education of English Learners and migrant students
  • Knowledge of research-based instructional strategies, specific to bilingual (SIOP) methodology, and materials for EL students
  • Knowledge of second language acquisition theory and practice
  • Thorough and complete knowledge of WIDA ELD Standards/Model Performance Indicators and content of grade level areas
  • Willingness to attend ongoing training
  • Must not have had a recommendation for Probation Assistance on most recent evaluation


  • Use balanced literacy concepts such as shared reading and guided reading
  • Provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of EL students and struggling readers
  • Use formative assessments to guide reading instruction
  • Interaction with families and students from a diverse range of economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Develop and maintain contact with parents, and involve parents and guardians as partners in their students’ education
  • Analyze student’s formative and summative data, and differentiate classroom instruction based on assessment data and student needs
  • Differentiate and develop Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for EL students with various English proficiency levels
  • Administer all State standardized assessments
  • Willingness to actively participate in professional development activities and work closely with Title I/II/III personnel, administration, and district level curriculum department
  • Use of technology within instruction
  • Collaborate with colleagues to improve instructional practices throughout the school
  • Work collaboratively with the Bilingual Education Specialist and other members of the Bilingual Services Department
  • Work with teachers individually or in collaborative teams to provide practical support in reading, writing, speaking, and listening strategies for EL students
  • Provide professional development in second language acquisition theory to staff members
  • Provide leadership for integration of EL strategies and practices across the community


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