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127 Fine Arts Magnet Coordinator -DIC
Position Title:   Fine Arts Magnet Facilitator , Dickinson Fine Arts Academy
Salary Range: Per teacher’s contract
Contract Length:  11 Months
Position Summary:  Curriculum Coordinator/Facilitator for school magnet program
Immediate Supervisor:   Building Principal
Job Description: *Professional Development/Training Teachers in connection to magnet themes (arts integration/STEAM) *Successful experience developing an effective professional development model *Extensive knowledge of fine arts curriculum *Extensive knowledge of Balanced Literacy *Successful skills and experience modeling and coaching in a variety of settings, particularly in classrooms *Experience aligning State Standards with the curriculum *Demonstrate knowledge of alternative teaching methods/ideas *Proven ability to teach a team to develop then implement a fine arts program integrated with the curriculum using themes *Able to serve as coach for teacher within the arts as well as those in other content areas preparing to integrate the arts within their classes
Management *Proven ability to design and implement entire school magnet program *Ability to assume the responsibility of the effectiveness of the entire fine arts program *Ability to work with others to collect data, analyze results, and report information as needed *Demonstrate knowledge and experience in ordering, cataloguing, and maintaining equipment *Demonstrate experience in scheduling both school day and extended day learning activities/programs *Demonstrate successful experience in community “outreach” *Demonstrate ability to monitor and supervise artists in residence *Ability to identify needs and make recommendations
Leadership *Demonstrate the ability to provide a supportive environment for instructional problem solving *Ability to serve as a member of the school administrative team
Family Connections *Demonstrate experience conducting informational meetings regarding the magnet program, focusing particularly on student recruitment *Ability to demonstrate experience with ongoing family communication throughout the school year regarding functions and program opportunities
Qualifications: *Must hold a valid Indiana teaching license and have proper certification *Master’s Degree preferred *Documentation of additional staff development and/or certification in instructional and content areas (general education and/or fine arts)
*Background knowledge/experience in one of the fine arts *Demonstrated excellent organizational skills *Proven ability to work well with others *Interview required to demonstrate superior skills as outlined in job description (May use portfolio, videos, or additional artifacts to demonstrate skills)


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