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073 Director of School Learning
Position Title: Director of School Learning
Salary Range: $99,000-$105,000
Contract Length: July 1-June 30
Immediate Supervisor: Chief Academic Officer
Basic Function: The Director of School Learning (DSL) will ensure that exemplary instruction and learning takes place at every one of his or her assigned schools. The DSL will supervise, support, and develop principals to set and attain high levels of student achievement. The DSL will oversee a portfolio of schools and will be responsible for inspiring, providing thought-partnership, coaching, holding schools accountable, and increasing the capacity of principals to improve the conditions of teaching and learning in each of their schools. The DSL will have decision-making power to address day to day academic and operational school issues. The DSL will also be responsible for ensuring that the district’s mission and goals are achieved, while collaborating with department heads and the Chief Academic Officer to ensure consistency of practice and prioritization of resources. The DSL will collaborate with their peers to share best practices and continuously improve the skills and knowledge base of the buildings they supervise.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 
Supporting Building Principals:
The candidate will:
  1. Coach and support principals in goal setting, planning, and the development of action plans that will assist school leaders in meeting their instructional leadership objectives and schools to meet performance targets.
  1. Conduct regular formal and informal classroom walkthroughs aligned to student achievement and strategic goals.
  1. Conduct gap analysis/needs assessments against school-based targets.
  2. Build instructional leadership capacity of principals with particular focus on instruction, data analysis, and aligned interventions.
  1. Focus principals on student outcomes and teacher quality while balancing operational demands.
  1. Plan and lead differentiated professional learning experiences for principals.
  2. Create a culture of inquiry and mutual accountability among the principals in the network. 
Supervising and Evaluating Building Principals:
The candidate will:
  1. Lead and supervise a portfolio of schools.
  2. Ensure the implementation of the adopted South Bend protocol for teacher observation and evaluation with high levels of fidelity.
  3. Conduct weekly observations with written feedback provided to principal and CAO.
  4. Conduct principal evaluation and provide feedback on successful leadership practices following the Wallace Foundation and South Bend Framework for Administrators.
Supporting Building Faculty and Staff:
The candidate will:
  1. Analyze formative and ongoing data for every aspect of the campus—including but not limited to achievement, discipline, attendance, climate and culture.
  1. Attend school-based gatherings, including and not limited to athletics, fine arts, parent, community-based, and academic events to foster a culture of engagement with staff, parents, and community.
  1. Support the development and monitoring of intervention plans for individual students.
  2. Work in partnership with the building principal to create and monitor the professional development plan for assigned buildings based on district goals and building data trends.
  1. Provide professional development for faculty and staff aligned to the above professional development plans during late starts, full day professional learning days, and as needed by the building. 6. Facilitate the implementation of a research-based socioemotional learning framework (e.g., Responsive Classroom). 
Liaise with Central Office Departments:
The candidate will:
  1. Coordinate with all central office departments related to operational and instructional management.
  1. Provide feedback from schools to inform district policy and procedures.
  2. Assist with the recruitment, interviewing, selection, and matching of outstanding principals for the district and for specific assigned schools.
  1. Collaborate with departments to provide the appropriate system resources that address the needs of schools.
  1. Attend all school board meetings. 
Oversight of the following areas, as assigned: 
  • Athletics 
Or three of the following: 
  • Student transfers process and approvals 
  • Magnet enrollment process 
  • District Registrar/Course Master 
  • Title II/Title IV reporting 
  • Principal Pipeline 
  • District-wide Professional Development 
Skills and Competencies: 
School Knowledge and Instructional Expertise:
The candidate will:
  1. Develop and deliver programming that drives improved academic performance for all student populations; know effective practice for differentiating instruction, including Universal Design for Learning, Academic Choice, etc.
  1. Understanding deeply curricular frameworks, pedagogy, and quality classroom materials; experience developing and implementing curriculum for a wide variety of grade levels and subjects.
  2. Lead others in helping to design high-quality instructional, engagement and intervention practices consistently across classrooms and school sites. Knowledge of and implementation of Restorative Practices, Multi-Tiered Support Systems and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports is highly preferred.
  1. Serve as a coach and mentor, helping staff to develop the skills needed at sustainably high levels. 
Empathy and commitment to cause:
The candidate will:
  1. Understand deeply the urban school system environment and hold a commitment to improving student achievement.
  1. Believe passionately that all students can achieve at high levels.
  2. Demonstrate cultural competence and a deep understanding of and empathy for issues facing urban families. 
Communication, interpersonal and team skills:
The candidate will:
  1. Build and maintain strong relationships.
  2. Work successfully alone or on a team.
  3. Lead effectively.
  4. Possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Can tailor messages depending on the audience, context, and mode of communication.
  5. Listen actively to others.
  6. Build consensus and resolve conflicts; exhibit willingness to have difficult conversations.
  7. Navigate skillfully existing political structures/systems. 
Problem solving and systems thinking:
The candidate will:
  1. Understand how various systems/departments interact to achieve the long-term goal.
  2. Make decisions using data and technology.
  3. Take initiative to solve problems and create stakeholder buy-in.
  4. Identify and prioritize mission critical issues with alignment of people, time and resources
  5. Offer innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
  6. Exhibit strong focus on goals and results. Set clear metrics for success.
  7. Remove barriers or obstacles that make it difficult for principals to achieve their goals and ensure that school leaders have the resources they need to succeed.
  1. Demonstrate excellent execution and project management skills, including attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to balance the big picture with detailed steps to reach the end goal, and ability to balance multiple projects under tight deadlines. 
Leadership skills:
The candidate will:
  1. Motivate, inspire, and move other adults to action to achieve ambitious goals.
  2. Build and manage teams, especially in a time of growth and change; excellent at identifying talent and taking advantage of each person’s skills and contribution to team effort.
  1. Build and maintain positive relationships with individuals and groups.
  2. Move groups to consensus and resolve conflicts. Build coalitions and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels, including but not limited to district personnel, students, families, communities, and/or advocacy groups.
  1. Establish clear expectations, deliverables and deadlines.
  2. Set clear agendas and facilitate effective meetings.
  3. Train, supervise, and evaluate staff from different cultural backgrounds and skill sets. 
  1. Indiana administrative certificate or eligible
  2. Minimum of five years of successful principal experience
  3. Master’s degree in school administration
  4. Experience as a principal in an urban, public school district is preferred 
Physical Demands: 
Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office; dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard and other technologies and office equipment, sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time; kneeling; bending at the waist; lifting; pushing; pulling and carrying equipment, supplies and materials weighing up to 25 pounds; repetitive hand movement and fine coordination to use a computer keyboard; emotional stability to work effectively under pressure and to keep all aspects of the job under control; hearing and speaking to exchange information in person or on the telephone; seeing to read; prepare and assure the accuracy of documents.
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