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152 Middle School Math Teacher - Navarre

Navarre  Middle School Teacher

POSITION TITLE: Middle School Math Teacher

The Empowerment Zone is hiring a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative, and dedicated individuals with an unyielding belief that every child will succeed. If you are an educator who is passionate about transforming education and ready to join a team that is on fire to make change together, this work is for you.  We are a system of schools that works to eliminate academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.


Selected candidates will work hard to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each child in their classroom. Provide curriculum and strong instruction to students in the area in which they are hired.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of the Middle School Teacher:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of adolescent development
  • Engages in and promotes culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Has content area expertise
  • Has a commitment to the belief that all students can learn characterized by high content and high expectations for all learners.
  • Demonstrates the ability to use a variety of instructional and behavioral management strategies appropriate to the needs of middle school adolescents
  • Utilizes techniques integrating literacy skills and technology throughout the content areas.
  • Has the ability to self-reflect on instructional practices and personal interactions for continuous improvement.
  • Promotes a school culture conducive to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of all students


DUTIES: (Candidate may perform any combination of the essential functions shown below. This position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, knowledge, or ability associated with this classification, but is intended to accurately reflect the key job elements.)

  • Work collaboratively with other teachers and staff to provide academic support for students
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships and communication with parents
  • Fully participate in meetings, group planning, professional development, and other staff activities
  • Plans a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the needs, interests and abilities of middle school adolescents to ensure Success for Every Student.
  • On a regular and consistent basis, meets and instructs assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated.
  • Creates a classroom environment that provides for student involvement in the learning process and enables each middle school student to achieve learning objectives.
  • Provides an interdisciplinary instructional program to meet the needs of all middle students.
  • Prepares for classes assigned, and shows written evidence of preparation upon request of supervisor.
  • Guides the learning process toward the fidelity of implementation of the middle school curriculum.
  • Plans and utilizes interdisciplinary instructional methods, resources and evaluation techniques which motivate and enable each middle school student to achieve success.
  • Establishes learning objectives consistent with appraisal of middle school student needs, requirements of the curriculum, and knowledge of adolescent growth and development.
  • Participates in school management and shares responsibility for the total school program.
  • Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required.
  • Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position


EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree required LICENSE: Must hold valid Indiana State Teacher's License in Secondary Mathematics and be Highly Qualified. A Masters Degree or higher is preferred, or be eligible for license. EXPERIENCE: Extensive training in and knowledge of current math instructional techniques – Demonstrated effective teaching and computer skills – Experience with middle school students. Preferred experience teaching Algebra for End of Course Assessment.

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