Job Posting Description, Middle School Social Worker (Empowerment Zone)
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Human Resources Department
215 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (4th Floor)
South Bend, IN 46601
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Navarre Middle School
Application Open: 05/07/2020, Filing Deadline: (none)
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511 Middle School Social Worker - Navarre

Navarre  Middle School Teacher

POSITION TITLE: Middle School Social Worker

The Empowerment Zone is hiring a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative, and dedicated individuals with an unyielding belief that every child will succeed. If you are an educator who is passionate about transforming education and ready to join a team that is on fire to make change together, this work is for you.

We are a system of schools that works to eliminate academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.


Selected candidates will work hard to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each child in their classroom. Provide curriculum and strong instruction to students in the area in which they are hired. The Middle School Social Worker will serve as a liaison between the Empowerment Zone, school personnel, families and outside resources to coordinate services that promote student success. They will be responsible for providing intentional support for students by providing strategic services that identify and address the social-emotional environmental issues that interfere with the educational process.


DUTIES: (Candidates may perform any combination of the essential functions shown below. This position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, knowledge, or ability associated with this classification, but is intended to accurately reflect the key job elements.)

  • Serves as a key member of the Multi-tiered system of support team.
  • Provides social work case management services in order to assist school staff and families.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to resources/services to facilitate educational, mental health, and behavioral needs of students.
  • Assists families in obtaining needed resources.
  • Determines the need for and work with staff to develop and provide parent workshops as needed.
  • Collaborates with program staff and other school system personnel in implementing strategies to promote student learning and/or ameliorate interfering behaviors.
  • Participates, as an active member of the IEP team, in making IEP decisions, assisting in developing and monitoring social skills, and behavioral and academic goals.
  • Conducts home and agency visits related to establishing and maintaining communication and positive connections between school settings and all others involved in student lives around identified issues.
  • Problem solves and identifies prevention and intervention strategies for student success.
  • Demonstrates and provides on-site crisis intervention response, interventions and follow-up, as needed.
  • Provides individual and/or group counseling to students
  • Determines and implements appropriate strategies to effect changes in behavioral/social interactions.
  • Provides classroom observations. Provides staff consultation on behavioral-emotional-environmental factors that impact student learning.
  • Demonstrates crisis intervention and behavioral techniques to staff and parents; work with other agencies to access services.
  • Conducts classroom meetings, psycho-educational social skills groups and classroom presentations on identified areas of concern for the students.
  • Maintains required records and submit appropriate documentation for reports.
  • Completes risk assessments and be familiar with the process for students as needed.
  • Assists in monitoring the progress of students as they return to inclusive environments within the general education setting.
  • Attends meetings and professional development activities as required.
  • Maintains professional boundaries, code of ethics, and confidentiality as well as other duties as assigned.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships and communication with parents
  • Fully participate in meetings, group planning, professional development, and other staff activities
  • All other duties of a classroom teacher


  • Conducts at minimum a yearly program audit to review the extent and quality of program implementation.
  • Prepares and submits a variety of requested reports and data, to ensure fulfillment of established program requirements.
  • Uses all available data, including academic grades, discipline referrals and attendance data, to identify students in need and to deliver services.
  • Interprets tests, student data and other assessment results appropriately within the counseling environment for the purpose of developing and implementing academic plans for individual students.


  • Masters degree in Social Work from an accredited college or university.
  • Experience and training which demonstrates successful use of clinical skills in working with such students and/or their families, other programs, and agencies. Or other combination of applicable education, training and experience
  • Familiarity with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


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