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Human Resources Department
215 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (4th Floor)
South Bend, IN 46601
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Marquette Montessori Academy
Application Open: 09/21/2020, Filing Deadline: (none)
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137 Montessori Instructional Assistant

POSITION TITLE:           Montessori Instructional Assistant   

            Reports to:                           Building Principal and Lead Classroom Teacher      
            Contract Length:              School Year
•    This position requires an individual who will assist the lead teacher in successfully implementing all aspects of the Montessori program working with students, staff and parents.
•    Implement instructional and classroom leadership strategies which reflect the Montessori model.
•    Actively participate in on-going professional development/training.  Participation required.
•    Work with the Montessori classroom teacher, instructional and Montessori coaches and principal.
•    Assist the teacher in providing a skillfully prepared environment that allows children to explore, move, share with a group and be independent, make decisions, develop self-control and create order that cultivates a lifelong love of learning.
•    Collaborates successfully with teams to integrate Montessori pedagogy.
•    Employ a wide variety of instructional techniques which reflect differentiation of instruction as directed by the Montessori teacher.
•    Assist in successfully with implementing curriculum in a multi-age classroom.
•    Embrace the Montessori program and the Montessori philosophy.
•    Work well with others.
•    Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of a diverse (ethical/racial) urban school population and apply appropriate instructional strategies.
•    Monitor and assist students with breakfast.
•    Assist in the implementation of a best practice Montessori classroom demonstrating the Montessori beliefs and philosophy through curriculum, instructional strategies and classroom environment.
•    Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:
•    Associates degree, a teacher certification, a Montessori certification of successful experience as a teaching assistant.
•    Applicant must not have had a recommendation for probation assistance on their most recent evaluation.
•    Interview with Principal required.
Works in standard office and school building environments.  Must be able to work regularly scheduled hours.  Must be able to handle stress.

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