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904 Boys Basketball Coach - 7th/8th Grades

POSITION TITLE:                     Boy’s Basketball Coach -7th/8th Grades

SALARY RANGE:                      $2,567.00
CONTRACT LENGTH:          Sport Season


Responsible to guide and direct students in a successful basketball program at the intermediate level.  

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:        Athletic Director
                                                 School Principal


Responsible to organize and plan practices and develop conditioning programs to develop improved strength, skill, and agility. Must demonstrate an interest in and support of the entire school program by attending activities.  


Experience as an intermediate coach in a successful program.  Must have good communication skills.  Must be able to get along with students and parents and have the ability to motivate athletes.  Experience as a basketball participant at the intermediate or  high school level.

Works in standard office and school building environments.  Must be able to work regularly scheduled hours.  Must be able to handle stress.

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