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654 EP Engineer - Days

POSITION TITLE:                          Engineer – EP Days

SALARY RANGE:                          $17.11-$19.30/hr.

CONTRACT LENGTH:                 Twelve Months

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:       Director of Buildings and Grounds/Building Principal

POSITION SUMMARY:                 Responsible for operational and general maintenance of the school.


Will be responsible for the operation, servicing, and minor repairs of the heating/cooling system and the general maintenance of the facility and grounds.  Will direct and assist custodians in the performance of services as required by the facility, and the operation and monitoring of the Energy Management System.


Must have either successfully completed the engineer school as outlined in Article XII of the agreement, or be a currently qualified engineer.  Must have the unrestricted ability to lift sixty (60) pounds. Background screening to be given to new engineers.

Principal to interview all applicants.

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