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651 CD Custodian - Days

POSITION TITLE:                           CD Custodian (Days)

SALARY RANGE:                             $16.05-$17.66/hr.

CONTRACT LENGTH:                       12 months

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:              Building Engineer Buildings and Grounds to interview all applicants

POSITION SUMMARY:                 

To perform routine and non-routine cleaning of buildings and grounds involving light to heavy physical effort.  Perform other

custodial duties of a semi-skilled nature involving some special machine operational skills.


Replace lighting as needed, clean fixtures, floors, duct work of kitchen/cafeteria, walls, ceilings and overhead piping; will also

clean, service and monitor sinks, drinking fountains, show, and toilet facilities, will do general cleaning of entire building; will

maintain security of rooms and building; respond to emergency calls to secure/repair building when called; will also move

furniture, supplies, equipment and perform other tasks involving heavy physical effort as needed; other duties as assigned.


Must be high school graduate or equivalent.  Unrestricted ability to lift, carry, push or pull 60 pounds.  Perform other duties that

are necessary for a clean, safe, sanitary, and secure environment.

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