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102 2nd Grade Teacher

POSITION TITLE:            2nd Grade Teacher     


A 2nd grade teacher is highly qualified and anIndiana State certified teacher responsible for delivering the Common Core State Standards and the SBCSC curriculum in a differentiated, general education learning environment.
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:    Building Principal
DUTIES:    A teaching candidate must fully implement the 2nd grade curriculum, following the Instructional Maps and other corporation provided instructional resources.
Additionally the teacher will:
•    Provide adequate lesson plans.
•    Provide direct instruction, support and guidance.
•    Manage the learning process, and focus on students’ individual needs and assess student growth.
•    Maintain a safe classroom environment and appropriate classroom management.
•    Make parent contact, as necessary to advance each child’s learning.
•    Complete and maintain all required student records.
•    Utilize the SBCSC technology, as required.

Other duties which will be assessed include:
Use of multiple sources of data collection including the 8-Step process, mClass, and fluency testing to inform instructional decisions
Uses a variety of teaching strategies to engage students in the learning process
Structures the classroom environment to maintain student interest and engagement
Maintains professional responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating the process of learning by attending and participates in required staff meetings/ staff development. Works together with the grade level team
QUALIFICATIONS:    License and be Highly Qualified.
Maintain regular, documented communication between home and school

Utilize technology to enhance the learning environment and differentiate instruction.

Applicant must not have had a recommendation for Probation Assistance on their most recent evaluation.

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