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303 Special Education Life Skills Teacher

Position Title: Life Skills Special Education Teacher 

Position Summary:
•    Develop and implement appropriate individual educational plans (IEPs) including BIPs that support the multiple learning and behavioral needs of each student.
•    Provide effective services to identified/eligible students as outlined in current IEP.
•    Develop daily classroom and individual lesson plans that apply life skills adopted curriculum and alternate assessment standards to address specific student objectives. Adapt daily schedule including individual/classroom visual schedules of learning activities to meet individual needs and abilities.
•    Implement assistive technology as outlined in IEP.
•    Use on-going data collection documentation to continually evaluate student progress and modify instructional strategies/activities/lessons as needed.
•    Understanding of local, state and federal policies/regulations, specifically IDEA and Article 7 as they pertain to students eligible for special education Services.

Immediate Supervisor: Principal, Special Education Supervisors, Special Education Director

•    Ability and willingness to oversee/assist students in daily living skill training Such as feeding, eating, toileting, grooming and dressing skills.
•    Administer and apply alternate assessment ratings and tests; provide documentation to support ratings.
•    Provide assistance to general education staff and/or school support staff to provide appropriate and effective opportunities in the general education classroom environment or regular school activities.
•    Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments. Develop and implement Behavioral Intervention Plans for each student as necessary.
•    Work closely with building administrators to implement effective and appropriate reaction strategies in response to significant behavioral problems.
•    Oversee and/or assist with toileting and feeding of students.
•    Supervise special education paraprofessionals and support their professional development in appropriate curriculum, therapeutic and behavioral management areas.
•    Work collaboratively with therapeutic support staff (0T, PT, SLP, nurse) to incorporate and carry-over appropriate interventions throughout the instructional day.
•    Ability to lift and position or assist with two person lift of non-ambulatory students.
•    Implement ULS (Unique Learning System) curriculum.
•    Oversee/assist with arrival and dismissal procedures of students.

•    State of Indiana Certification as a Special Education Teacher with license in Severe Disabilities or Intense Interventions.
•    History of timely and accurate submission of IEPs.
•    Ability to lift and position or assist with two person lift of non-ambulatory students.

Desired Experience or Training:
•    Experience dealing with families and students from a diverse range of economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.
•    Experience dealing with an educational model for provision of functional academic services, social skills training, community based training, vocational training and therapeutic interventions for students with significant cognitive impairments.


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