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149 Title I Intervention Specialist - Elementary


Reports to: Building Principal, Director of Title I
FLSA Status: Exempt
Term of Employment: Teacher Contract


  1. Provides intervention support 80% of the school day to Title I identified students at risk of failing or who are failing in reading, language arts, and math. Works with the Title I Cognitive Intervention Specialist (CIS) to manage, analyze and review the school’s data, reading language arts, and math program to ensure the highest level of effective instruction and to improve students’ reading, language arts, and math.
  2. Assists and supports colleagues in the implementation of curriculum and instruction at the building level by sharing proven instructional strategies and materials.
  3. Works with the Title I Team and Principal to order materials and supplies to support instruction, professional development, parent involvement and abiding by deadlines.


  1. Title I Intervention Specialist works directly with identified bottom 25% of students that are failing or at risk of failing providing intervention support 80% of the teaching day.
  2. Ability to increase students achievement past the essential goal of one year’s growth.
  3. 9 groups of 5- 6 students (of those 9 groups 6 groups will consist of K-2 Reading/Language and 3 can be K - 5 Reading/Language Arts and/or math).
  4. 30 minutes of instructional time per group.
  5. 45 minutes of Plan Time
  6. 30 minutes of student Data Review
  7. Demonstrates and models exemplary classroom literacy practices and knowledge of balanced literacy and essential elements of reading and math.
  8. Provides leadership for Reading/Language Arts & Math literacy across the school community.
  9. Helps strengthen family and school ties by engaging families in reading and math literacy
  10. Participates in data and staff/professional development meetings with the building principal.
  11. Assists in the collaboration of the Title I plan.
  12. Work with the Title I Team and Principal to place orders for supplies and materials to support Title I instruction, professional development and parent involvement.
  13. Helps to monitor Title I inventory.
  14. Other duties as assigned based on the guidelines of Title I.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Five (5) years of effective classroom teaching experience
  2. Above average ability to communicate and work well with others
  3. Thorough and complete knowledge of Indiana Academic Math and Reading/Language Arts Standards
  4. Proven leadership ability
  5. An explicit understanding of effective Math and Reading/Language Arts curriculum and instructional practices
  6. Knowledge of the collaborative instructional model
  7. Participates in required professional development, including Title I during the school year and summer
  8. Appropriate Licensing to teach K-5, Highly Qualified

Additional Qualifications and Training Preferred:
• Reading Endorsement
• Tyner Training
• Reading Recovery Training
• LiPS Literacy Training
• Previous Coaching Experience
• Coaching for Results
• Reading First Training
• Best practices in Math
• Lucy Calkins
• mClass
• Acuity
• Istation
• My Virtual Reading Coach
• Data input, analyzing, organizing and reporting

Working Relationships:
• Principal, Title I Director, District Reading/Language Arts & Math Facilitators, Title I Cognitive Intervention Specialists (CIS), Collaborative Teaching Groups, Family and Community School Specialists

Working Conditions:
• Mental Demands: calculating, comparing, problem-solving, evaluating, interpreting, organizing, consulting, analyzing, planning, documenting, specifying, coordinating, implementing, and presenting.

• Physical Demands: sitting, standing, crouching, kneeling, reaching, climbing stairs, adjusting, connecting, lifting, carrying, and/or moving up to 40 lbs., bending, keyboarding, pulling, pushing, balancing, writing, walking, and operating equipment.

• Environmental Conditions: mostly inside but can be exposed to extreme weather conditions if traveling, wet and/or slippery surfaces, exposure to communicable diseases, and working alone.

• Must hold a valid driver’s license and be able to drive to meetings or work sites before, during, or after the normal working day.


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