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351 Occupational Therapist

POSITION TITLE:    Occupational Therapist

LOCATION:              To be determined

Responsible for providing school-based occupational therapy services, a special
education related service, in compliance with corporation policy, as well as state
and federal mandatory special education regulations. Responsible for functioning
as a Special Education Related Service team member in the school setting.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Special Education Coordinator; Special Education Director; Building Principal(s)

•    Required Experience or Training:    Indiana OT License
•    Desired Experience or Training:      Experience in a school setting


  • Evaluate and provide direct and consultative occupational therapy to special education students whose fine motor, self-help, sensory or perceptual motor impairments are deterring success in their special education program as indicated in their IEP.
  • Collaborate with teaching staff and/or other school based team members concerning fine motor, sensory, perceptual motor or self-help skill development.
  • Develop and maintain her/his personal therapy schedule, taking into consideration each student’s IEP requirements and specific schedules. Distribute schedule among schools and teachers of students served and inform them of schedule changes and OT absences.
  • Provide “Present Level of Performance” and “Accommodation” and “Related Service” recommendations in the IEP of each student receiving services. Consult with TOR’s concerning goal development. Attend Annual Case Conference whenever possible.
  • Follow SBCSC policy that encourages acquisition of a Physician’s Referral for each student receiving OT and PT services. (Required for Medicaid reimbursement.)
  • Record time, date, and level of OT services on the SBCSC’s Medicaid billing provider’s website.
  • File documentation of each direct therapy session or consultation in hard copy form in the individual student’s working OT file or electronically on the Medicaid billing provider’s website.
  • Possible supervision of OTA
  • Maintain active Indiana OT license.  Follow IPLA requirements for participation in approved continuing education activities.  Attend SBCSC required OT, Special Education, and corporation staff meetings.


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