Job Posting Description, Empowerment Zone Elementary Classroom Teacher (Harrison, Warren, Wilson)
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Human Resources Department
215 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (4th Floor)
South Bend, IN 46601
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Harrison, Warren, Wilson
Application Open: 03/25/2021, Filing Deadline: (none)
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105 Empowerment Zone Elementary Teacher (HWW) 2021

POSITION TITLE: Empowerment Zone Elementary Classroom Teacher (Harrison, Warren, Wilson)


In the Empowerment Zone, we are a team passionate and focused on making real transformation in our schools on the West Side of South Bend, Indiana. We are working in service to our students; 41% who are African-American/Black, 39% who are Latino, and 78% who receive free/reduced lunch. Elementary classroom teachers are critical to us providing every child in the Empowerment Zone with an education that “cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.” Elementary teachers will deliver core curriculum in reading/writing/literacy, math, science, social studies, and social/emotional development. Elementary teachers in the Empowerment Zone will provide trauma-sensitive classroom environments and strategies to their students while holding high expectations for learning and behavior. We are seeking teachers who are interested in helping us accomplish our vision and mission:

Our Vision

We are a system of schools that eliminates academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.

Our Mission

We nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each child by embracing equity, learning, and change for students, staff, and families. We harness the power of community and relationships to ignite transformation.


SCHOOL HOURS: Student attendance hours are from 8am-3:30pm, M-F; teacher work hours are from 7:30am-4:00pm, M-F

COMPENSATION: Teacher salary schedule as negotiated

AVAILABLE: 2021-2022 School Year


In the Empowerment Zone, elementary classroom teachers will:

Instruction & Supervision

? Plan and provide standards-based grade level core instruction to elementary students in reading, language arts, writing, math, science, social studies, and social/emotional

development using our adopted core curricula

? Provide differentiated small group support/intervention to students grounded in responsiveness to student learning data and formative assessment

? Support and guide each child’s iReady individualized pathway in reading and math ? Provide student supervision ensuring student safety


? Provide a responsive classroom environment that speaks value to our students, including implementing daily classroom circles, trauma-sensitive strategies

? Collaborate with school colleagues to plan, assess, and continuously improve instruction by accomplishing school-specific goals focused on continuous improvement

? Embrace professional learning and growth opportunities and contribute to a healthy team/school culture grounded in collaboration, high expectations, and support

? Examine their own biases and guard against unexamined biases that filter into harmful practices, low expectations for students, and a deficit view of students and families ? Engage in Empowerment Zone-wide conversations and reflections about race, class, and education

Family Partnership

? Intentionally build/develop relationships with students and their families that strengthen trust

? Partner with families to support students & regularly communicate student progress to families


Must be certified in elementary education, have a valid Indiana teaching license, and be highly qualified.

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