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Application Open: 03/25/2021, Filing Deadline: (none)
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032 Empowerment Zone Director of Spec. Services-2021

POSITION TITLE: Director of Specialized Services


As the Director of Specialized Services, you will operate as a critical leader on the South Bend Empowerment Zone Team. From this post, you will ensure that Empowerment Zone is designed to support and accelerate/deepen the learning of our students with Individualized Education Plans, 504s, and those learning English as a Language:

1) Advance teaching and learning for our children with special needs/receiving special education services and children learning English as a language. You will develop a strategy that elevates the experience of our students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans, and those learning English as a Language who have Instructional Learning Plans (ILPs)

2) Ensure that tight systems are developed around problem-solving RtI/MTSS teams that enable robust strategies, interventions, and progress monitoring at the school level

3) Ensure that all staff have the knowledge and tools needed to advance an inclusion approach.

In addition to the three core bodies of work, you will oversee other critical initiatives supporting our five schools (Coquillard, Harrison, Navarre, Warren, and Wilson) to achieve their goal of transforming the educational experience and outcomes for thousands of students across the Empowerment Zone. Strong ownership of process and outcomes will be critical to success in this role. We are looking for a Director of Specialized Services who will help us accomplish our vision and mission:

Our Vision

We are a system of schools that eliminates academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.

Our Mission

We nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each child by embracing equity, learning, and change for students, staff, and families. We harness the power of community and relationships to ignite transformation.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Deputy Empowerment Zone Chief

HOURS: 8am-5pm, M-F; some evening and weekend hours required

COMPENSATION: $60,000-$85,000 Annually


DUTIES: This position is critical to the success of our schools. This person will be expected to engage in three core functions with responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

Supporting Staff to Best Serve Students with IEPs, 504s, and ILPs: (70%)

  • Ensure that systems, protocols, procedures, and practices are in place to ensure the success of our unique learners, including students with IEPs, 504s, and ILPs
  • Oversee data compilation and analysis for use that tracks how our students with IEPs, 504s, and ILPs are doing
  • Develop a data strategy that captures celebration and pain points qualitatively (elevating student and parent voice) and quantitatively using data that is regularly collected
  • Ensure that all staff have access to high-quality professional learning experiences that supports an inclusion approach and provides tangible/concrete skills and practices to support inclusion
  • Establish a parent advisory council specific to parents of children with IEPs/504s and a separate one for parents of children learning English, and engage regularly with these parent groups to identify areas of celebration and challenges that need to be addressed

Job-Embedded Instructional Support (20%)

  • Provide guidance, direction, and strategic support to school leaders to ensure that school-level supports are in place for students with IEPs, 504s, and ILPs
  • Ensure that each school has what it needs as it relates to instructional support and job-embedded professional learning to support a strengthened inclusion model

Ensure Compliance Obligations are Met (10%)

  • Coordinate with the SBCSC’s and IDOE’s staff to ensure that compliance obligations are met
  • Provide data/reports for compliance reporting
  • Ensure that our legal obligations for compliance and oversight are being met
  • Engage in regular progress-monitoring of strategy and goals, and course correct as needed


  • Deep experience working with students with disabilities and students learning English
  • Strong knowledge base of best practices for inclusion and Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
  • Demonstrated track record of supporting strengthened outcomes for children with IEPs, 504s,and ILPs
  • Exceptional, disciplined strategic thinking and problem-solving capabilities, must be able to simultaneously hold quantitative and qualitative inputs to support decision-making and problem-solving
  • Ability to execute with excellence; excellent project management skills and follow through
  • High expectations for self and others, and a willingness to hold self and others accountable to these expectations
  • Superior writing, communication and presentation skills.
  • Belief and alignment with the Empowerment Zone’s core beliefs and philosophy, including the belief that every child can excel academically and that every family deserves partnership and respect.
  • Embrace professional learning and growth opportunities and contribute to a healthy team/school culture grounded in collaboration, high expectations, and support.
  • Examine their own biases and guard against unexamined biases that filter into harmful practices, low expectations for students, and a deficit view of students and families.
  • Engage in Empowerment Zone-wide conversations and reflections about race, class, and education

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email an updated resume and tailored cover letter outlining what strengths you would bring to the position, to Dr. Cheryl Camacho at For full consideration, submit your resume/tailored cover letter by 4/16/21.

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