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Human Resources Department
215 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (4th Floor)
South Bend, IN 46601
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Edison Middle School
Application Open: 04/01/2021, Filing Deadline: (none)
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298 Special Ed. BEST Teacher

POSITION TITLE:               BEST Teacher


This highly qualified teacher will be responsible for delivering specific course

 content in a differentiated, collaborative model.  The teacher must be skilled in

classroom management and the implementation of Individual Educational Plans

 (IEPs) including Behavioral Intervention Plans( BIPs). The teacher must

 implement all aspects of the BEST model with the goal of students to be

 mainstreamed into the general education classroom. 

 IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:         Principal

                                                                         Director of Special Education


  • A qualified teacher will provide instruction, support and guidance, manage the learning process and focus on students’ individual needs. The teacher will monitor student progress using the 8 Step process and available district supported technology. The teacher will work actively with students and parents to advance each child’s learning.  Other duties which will be assessed include:

Use of multiple sources of data collection including the 8 Step process, acuity, classroom assessments and behavioral data to inform instructional decisions.

Use a variety of teaching strategies to engage students in the learning process.

Structure the classroom environment to maintain student interest, engagement and safety.

Maintain professional responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating the process of learning.

Implement the BEST program, including all data collection components.

Develop and complete, accurate and timely IEPs for the assigned caseload to assure that all the needed components of the IEP meet the needs of the students.

Implement appropriate individual educational plans that support multiple learning and behavioral needs of students.

Actively supervise and provide evaluation information for paraprofessional staff.

Maintain regular, documented communication between home and school.

Utilize technology to enhance the learning environment and differentiate instruction.

 QUALIFICATIONS:                 License and be Highly Qualified.

                                                    Specialized training (if applicable).

  • Current CPI certification.

 Considerations as determined by the administration which are specific to the position.

  • Applicant must not have had a recommendation for Probation Assistance on their most recent evaluation.
  • History of timely submission of comprehensive and complete IEPs.






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