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999 Athletic Coordinator - LaSalle

POSITION TITLE:               Athletic Coordinator

SALARY RANGE:                 Stipend - $8,908.00

CONTRACT LENGTH:           School Year


To run a successful athletics program where large numbers and high level athletes are expected to thrive as well as beginners.  To create an opportunity for as many students as possible to develop the skills needed to be a successful student-athlete in a competitive world.  To continue on the path of success and to work in conjunction with LaSalle Academy’s missions and goals, regular communication and coordination with teachers, parents, athletes, support personnel, and administration is necessary.

 IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:         Assistant Principal & Director of SBCSC Athletics


  1.  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university
  2.  Coaching experience (preferred)
  3. CPR/First Aid Certified and AED Trained  (preferred)
  4. Master’s degree in school administration (preferred)


  1. Responsible for following the SBCSC schedule and adding additional games to the schedule whenever possible to ensure additional skill development and game opportunities for our large teams.
  2. Hire officials, athletic trainers, and security as needed and ensure the proper supervision of all home events.
  3. Provide leadership in the recruitment, selection, assignment, and evaluation of athletic coaches along with the administration.
  4. Communicate use of the facilities and all maintenance issues with the engineering staff as well as the corporation Buildings & Grounds department to ensure safe, quality playing conditions.
  5. Foster strong relationships and partnerships with community organizations in order to provide additional opportunities and resources to LaSalle Academy.
  6. Assist in the development of and supervise compliance with all rules and regulations that govern the sports teams. This includes the national sport governing body rules, the SBCSC rules, the school code of conduct, the athletic code of conduct and the individual team rules.
  7.  Maintain and update the athletics website with schedules, extra opportunities, rules, and other events that come up, etc.
  8. Work with the coaching staff and maintenance personnel to maintain and improve all playing areas and equipment.
  9. Fundraise for and manage the athletics department budget with the approval of administration.
  10. Run parent meetings for all sports and communicate on a regular basis with parents about changes or concerns.  (Website, Lion’s Roar, Dialer, etc.)
  11. Help recruit, improve and maintain quality student-athletes within the school. Athletes are expected to be strong students in the classroom, behave appropriately, and gain skill development for academics, athletics and life.
  12. Arrange transportation to away athletic contests and for the daily after school activity buses.
  13. Provide paperwork to athletes, turn in paperwork reports to SBCSC athletics department, and keep detailed records of all paperwork required by SBCSC in a neat and organized manner.
  14. Arrange for ticket takers, officials, proper equipment, field maintenance, and water for all home events.
  15. Organize sports banquets to honor athletes and celebrate their experiences.
  16. The athletic coordinator should strive for improvement through increased knowledge, skill development, and taking advantage of opportunities available for athletic coordinator growth.
  17. Must work with a variety of individuals and stakeholders in order to maintain and improve the programs.
  18. Good decision making skills are vital to an efficient athletics program.  The athletic coordinator must know when to communicate information to the administrators or others; must make sound decisions on weather based items; and prove to make decisions that are in the best interest of the LaSalle Community as a whole.
  19. The athletic coordinator is expected to keep the LaSalle traditions and spirit alive while motivating others to improve school spirit.


  1. Requires prolonged sitting, standing, and/or walking.
  2. Routinely requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull or push heavy objects and equipment.
  3. Must work indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather
  4. Must work long and sometimes irregular hours

 Works in standard office and school building environments.  Must be able to handle stress.  Must work regularly scheduled hours.


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