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009 Principal - Warren Elementary -SB Empowerment Zone

Warren Elementary Principal

Our Vision

We are a system of schools that eliminates academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world.

Our Mission

We nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each child by embracing equity, learning, and change for students, staff, and families. We harness the power of community and relationships to ignite transformation.

About Warren Elementary / The “Warren Wildcats”

School Characteristics

? K-5 school (next year, pre-K will be added)

? 235 students

? 61% Free/Reduced Lunch

? 15% English Language Learners

? 23% Special Education

? Functional Life Skills & Autism Resource Room self-contained programs are housed at Warren

Racial/Ethnic Student Demographics

? 28% African-American/Black

? 28% Hispanic/Latino

? 9% Multi-racial

? 35% White

Staff Voice

? Warren’s Teacher Leadership Team describes the Wildcat community as: Supportive of each other, a family atmosphere, lots of laughter and collegiality

? Warren staff desire the future principal of Warren to have the following skills/competencies: ? High visibility & presence with students, families, and staff

? Supportive presence and a willingness to work side by side with staff

? Cultural responsiveness and ability to deeply connect with our students

? Skill at supporting teachers with classroom/behavior management & instructional best practices

? Prior experience as a successful elementary principal in a school serving a

racially/ethnically diverse student population

Position Description:

The principal position is critical to us actualizing our vision and mission in the South Bend Empowerment Zone. Principals provide inspiration, clarity, and support to students, families,

and staff as well as oversight of the school’s strategy, improvement plan, and implementation. Principals in the Empowerment Zone must exemplify our core beliefs:

  • Students & Families First
  • Equity
  • Excellence

Being a principal in the Empowerment Zone requires rigorous ownership of school data/outcomes, strategic leadership actions, a commitment to continuous improvement and leadership development, and a willingness to go the extra mile in service to your school community (students, families, staff).

Application Process

  • For full consideration, submit your resume and a tailored cover letter sharing why you believe you are the right leader to move our Warren elementary community forward, to Dr. Cheryl Camacho ( by 5/14/21
  • Interviews will be held on 5/20 & 5/21
  • Reference checks & hiring decisions will be made the week of 5/24

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Empowerment Zone Chief

HOURS: Variable; some evening and weekend hours required

COMPENSATION: Competitive, plus opportunity for $10,000 performance bonus AVAILABLE: June 2021

Core Tasks:

  • Ensure clarity for all teachers/staff on their roles and responsibilities
  • Provide support to all teachers/staff to be successful in their roles and responsibilities
  • Provide informal and formal observation and feedback to teachers/staff to support strengthened practice
  • Ensure adherence to school systems, schedules, strategies, and core practices
  • Ensure your school’s continuous improvement on the Empowerment Zone’s “Continuous Improvement Framework”

? Academics

? School Culture

? Family Partnership

  • Ensure smooth school communications, operations, & logistics for all stakeholders

Core Competencies

  • Strong work ethic and ability to prioritize the most important things
  • Ability to own impact and results, and make necessary pivots/changes to enable success
  • Ability to build/develop trust and influence with all stakeholders
  • Ability to strategically lead for results/outcomes
  • Eagerness to learn new approaches and skills
  • Willingness to refine observation & feedback skills & ensure that our teachers/staff receive meaningful feedback on their practice
  • Willingness to establish strong family partnership & ensure that our families are supported
  • Eagerness to model/lead the way on racial equity/justice learning and leadership
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