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586 Instructional Assistant


POSITION TITLE:                                     Instructional Assistant

CONTRACT LENGTH:                          School Year 

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISORS:          Principal, Certified classroom teacher

 POSITION SUMMARY:                 

An instructional assistant works under the direct supervision of a certified teacher.  The teacher plans the instructional assistant’s instructional activities and evaluates the achievement of the students with whom the instructional assistant works.  The instructional assistant is required to work in close physical proximity of the teacher.


Demonstrates knowledge and application of  the elements of effective instruction to assist teaching and learning as developed by the certified staff.  Provides assistance to certified teacher in collecting data for needs assessment, student selection, desired outcomes, and evaluation as requested. Maintain adequate records on student work, personal data and test scores as required by certified teacher.  Works cooperatively with student services staff members and/or outside agencies as required.  Other duties may be assigned as needed.


High School diploma. Completed at least two years of study at an institution of higher education is preferred. Must have knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading readiness, writing readiness as appropriate.

Works in standard office and school building environments.  Must be able to work regularly scheduled hours.  Must be able to handle stress.            



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